Why Your Organization needs a Content Marketing Consultant

So your organization already has a “marketing guy or girl,” or maybe even a team! So why on earth would you need to dedicate more budget to hire an outside Content Marketing Consultant? Content Marketing has become an integral part of a successful marketing strategy and is a really important way of connecting with and converting customers. Considering the growth that a successful content marketing strategy can facilitate, investing in a specialist to help craft a strategy that is effective and impactful is well worth the money. Additionally, a Content Marketing Consultant, will save your team time, provide objective insight and contribute a level of expertise and knowledge gained through his/her sole dedication to all things content.

1.       Content audits are time consuming

Content audits are an essential part of evaluating the impact of your company’s current content status. However, it is a time-consuming and tedious job that detracts resources from more important tasks. Content Marketing Consultants are specially trained and experienced in completing these audits efficiently and accurately. Most have specialized software that facilitates this. You may wonder if you should purchase some of this software for your own marketing team. The answer is no. This relatively expensive software makes sense for consultants who use it several times a year for various clients. However, this investment is not worth it if it will only be utilized once or twice a year by your marketing team. With a Marketing consultant you get the benefit of the software along with the other services provided.

2.       Gain authentic and objective insight

Having a member of your marketing team evaluate your company’s content is equivalent to asking them to look out of the office window and evaluate the entire city. It would be difficult to see it all from their position. Similarly, it would be extremely difficult for a member of your marketing team to effectively evaluate your company’s content. They see it all as an insider as opposed to an outsider. Your content will mostly be judged by outsiders. Additionally, your staff member will be grading him/herself and therefore biased to a certain extent. The fact that they have put in several hours creating the existing content, may weigh heavily on their assessment, as opposed to measuring the actual impact of the content. A consultant with no connection to the existing content will have no bias while completing their evaluation. They will be able to deliver insight from an outsider perspective, which is more authentic. Furthermore, a consultant who focuses solely on content marketing brings experience and perspective that is gained by working with several clients in this particular niche.

3.       Strategy is key

With the now common knowledge of the impact of content, many companies have put together hurried attempts at content marketing without thinking through a viable strategic plan, truly focused on ROI and converting customers. It is not enough to just have a presence on social outlets. Content must fit into the organization’s overall strategy, represent the image of your organization and most importantly; it must relate to your customers. A content marketing consultant is knowledgeable and experienced in creating and executing such strategy. They can help you to create a strategy that consistently represents your brand/organization, fits with overall goals and helps you to connect with and convert customers.

While hiring a consultant does come at a price, the ROI gained by executing a well-planned content strategy, could make a significant difference to your business this year. You must spend money to make money and this is an expense that is worth-it.

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