STOP! Before You Click Publish, Check This Out!

Yes, we know! You’re on a deadline just like we are. But please don’t let your hard work go to waste. Wouldn’t it be a shame if all the time you have put into writing that blog post for your brand turned into a big fat flop?! It sure would! I know from experience. Just because your article is good, doesn’t mean that it’ll be well received. I have had this happen quite a few times on my own personal blog I knew that I had written a good piece, but it hardly gets noticed. Many times, just a few small tweaks can raise the visibility of your article and even make it go viral! So before you click publish, ask yourself the following:

·       Does your article answer a burning question that your target audience is asking? – Consumers aren’t just perusing the internet to read “nice articles.” They are looking for answers to the questions that are bugging them the most. Your job is to know what those questions are and answer them in your blog posts!

·       Does your article provide a solution/solutions to major problem your audience is facing? Your audience wants solutions to their problems and they want to know if your company/brand has them. Use your content marketing efforts, including blog posts to communicate the solutions you offer to the issues that are most relevant to them.

·       Does your article have an emotional component that your audience can identify with? Use storytelling to convey emotions that your audience might be feeling as they face the issues that your brand can solve. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to successful content marketing.

·       Is your language descriptive? Make sure that your audience can visualize a story and solution as they read your post. Your language should describe in detail, so that your audience can picture the written scenarios in their mind as they read.

·       Is your post concise and easy for your audience to read? Nowadays lengthy attention spans are scarce. If your article is too long, you may lose your reader before they even get to the point. Keep it between 500-900 words and double check for run-on sentences. It’s better to make 2 shorter sentences than one long, drawn out one that your reader has to read over to decipher meaning.

·       Does your title entice your audience to click on the post? Your title should catch your reader’s attention and compel them to click on the post. This means they should be short, catchy and identify the issue your article is about. If possible the title should also suggest that your article offers solutions/answers to their problem or question.

·       Does your post blatantly call the reader to the action you desire? Don’t be afraid to ask your reader to subscribe, share, like, comment or purchase.  Passive suggestions are less likely to work. Explicitly ask the reader to complete the action at some point during the post.

·       Is this the best time to post? Is your audience likely to read your post right now? If not schedule it to be published at a better time. You might want to check your metrics to see look at previous posts. Perhaps you can identify a pattern that speaks to your readers’ habits and schedule your posts accordingly.

These are just a few simple things that you can do to enhance the visibility or “clickability” of your post. For more content marketing tips, click here to subscribe to NRN Insight’s blog!

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